Craig Federighi

by Drew Wilson


Today's keynote was awesome, but Craig Federighi was epic.

He uses words like "epic", "awesome" and "super" and actually means it. You can tell it's how he normally talks. He points out people in the audience when only one person claps. He doesn't mind interrupting the script and does it in a human way. He's enthusiastic, confident, cracks little jokes, smiles a ton and you can tell it's real. I loved the joke he made about how the new iCal interface will still stick on the screen even without the old "stitching" interface lol!

Craig is ultra California and I like California. It's also rad that Apple is now using California to name the next Mac OS releases. Hopefully we'll see a Mac OS Carlsbad soon ;)

Apple needs Craig. He represents the humanness that Apple is losing and has mostly lost completely. Craig makes me like Craig, and Craig makes me like Apple. I want him on stage more!