How I Doubled My Profit Without Working

by Drew Wilson

I run a payments platform called Plasso. I've been working on it for a couple years. I've never spent a dime on advertising or any kind. I've only – rarely – promoted it via my personal Twitter account.

I've spent zero time:

- Growth hacking

- Building an email list

- Amassing followers

- Crafting quality business tips on my blog

Instead I spent years writing code every single day. I've built many apps and products for myself, most all have failed. But Plasso is different. It is growing on its own. Plasso is profitable and has been since day one.

Things changed for me this year. I spent January to late September in an RV traveling the US with my family. I got maybe a few weeks worth of work in the entire time. It was very hard because I am not rich.

So, you ready for this? Ready to hack your growth to ultimate synergy MVP optimized churn value driven demand profit focused sharing economy?? ARE YOU?! Ok. Cool.

Here's how I doubled my profit without working:
I built something people want.

I thank my lucky stars too. I've tried building something people want for a long long long time. I've finally done it.

That's not a joke either. Plasso's monthly profit has actually more than doubled since starting my trip in January and continues to climb.

All kidding aside, I am super looking forward to being able to focus on growth and marketing. Its so important. But marketing will NOT improve your product. It can only change the perception of your product.

Marketing happens for both products that nobody wants and products everyone wants. So before you focus on marketing, first focus your time/energy/money on making something people want.

All the hard work is done for me now. I've made something people want. All I have to do is grow Plasso.

I can't wait for this next chapter of Plasso starting in January. I recently brought on two awesome people (@jschuller and @cbosuna) to the team and am so excited to have them working with me because they are amazing! Soon I'll be adding even more people to help us build Plasso. Now we're going to concentrate on moving Plasso from something people "want" to something they "need". 

I plan to raise money starting in January and it feels great knowing that when I ask people for money, it won't be on a hunch. I will be asking them to invest in something that is real and is already profitable. Not to mention the fact that it is uniquely positioned in the fin-tech industry and has the ability to make a massive amount of money 😉

Ignore the noise. Just build, and keep building.