by Drew Wilson


Announcing the first app I’ve made for my kids: KidCam! It’s the best camera app for kids.

A Little History

Having kids is amazing. I’ve got three of em', ages four and under. After seeing how quickly my iPhone became second nature to my oldest, my wife and I decided to use it to his advantage. We started getting early learning apps for him on our iPad. He learned colors, shapes, and literary concepts before he was even two years old. The app store can be amazing. He also developed a love for taking photos early on, always asking for our phone to snap some photos when he saw something he liked. As a huge fan of photography, I was super stoked. But I quickly realized how the iOS camera app was definitely not designed with kids in mind.

Taking a photo to him meant hitting the shutter button on rapid fire. This meant a lot of manual deleting for us to keep our photo libraries manageable. The 32GB iPad was also constantly at it’s storage limit.

Something had to be done. There had to be a way to keep my photo library from being ambushed by a horde of photos of a blurry living room floor but at the same time encourage my son’s (and in the near future, my daughters') love for photography. But alas, there was not. Until now!

This is the heart of KidCam. It’s designed for kids but built for parents. It’s meant to encourage your child’s exploration in photography, while solving a real practical issue with photo storage.

So I reached out to my buddy Erik to see if he’d be interested in solving this problem with me. He already makes games for kids, inspired by his daughter, so I thought he’d love the idea. To my luck, he did! So we teamed up to make KidCam a reality.

Our goal is for KidCam to replace the default iOS camera app as your child’s default camera app. Here’s why we think that can happen:

Free Up Your Device

KidCam lets you limit the number of photos and videos your kids can take. After the limit is reached, the oldest photo or video will be deleted to make room for any newly snapped photos or videos. Your kids can finally take as many photos or videos as they’d like without you having to worry about your storage running out.

Separate Library

Keep your camera roll/library clutter free by using KidCam. All photos and videos are saved to KidCam’s library and not your camera roll. And yes, you can manually save any photo or video taken with KidCam into your camera roll. You can even bulk delete, save and share!

Tap Anywhere

For younger kids tapping a shutter button can be difficult. Which is why KidCam gives you the option to tap anywhere on the screen to snap a photo or record a video. You can turn this off at anytime to bring back the normal “tap to focus” behavior.

Shutter Delay

Kids love to take photos on rapid fire. This fills up your device’s storage and leads to a lot of manually deleting photos. To solve this KidCam gives you the option to put a one to five second delay on the shutter. This means your child will need to wait for the delay to elapse before taking another photo or video.

Monster Overlays

Your kids will love snapping photos with the monster overlays. There are three cute monster face variations for them to choose from that can be overlain on top of photos. This adds a bunch of fun to the experience of taking photos as they’ll have a blast transforming their subjects into little monsters. We’re hoping to do more with these soon.

Taking a photo or video with KidCam is pretty cute as the shutter button is also the little monster’s eye, which actually blinks!

Cool tidbit: I was able to work each one of my kids into the App Store screenshots! :D

Erik and I really hope you enjoy KidCam and it brings a smile to your child’s face… and some much needed storage back to your device :)

Get KidCam on the App Store.