Macro from Vdio

by Drew Wilson


A while back I signed up for a video streaming service called Vdio, from the makers of Rdio. It was just like Netflix, Amazon Instant and iTunes, except with a smaller video library.

Everyone who signed up for early beta got $25 for free to spend on renting or buying videos. I bought The Matrix for $9.99 with my free money, but never got around to watching it.

Unfortunately for them they weren’t different from the competition and had to shut down a few days ago. Which meant you couldn’t access any videos you purchased. So they sent an Amazon gift card to anyone who had made a purchase.

Somehow they forgot to write “except purchases made with free money” into the script that automatically sent out gift cards. So I ended up with a free gift card to Amazon for $9.99. Thanks Vdio!

Trying to spend $9.99 anywhere is hard, even more so on Amazon. Most things I want are much more than $9.99. But I remembered I’ve wanted to try out external lenses for my iPhone. I’d never had external lenses for my iPhone before, and to my surprise they are ultra cheap. I got the Red 3-in-1 Lens Kit for under $10! Crazy!

The amount of glass on the stock iPhone lens is ridiculously small. It amazes me how smart phone cameras can get as good of image quality and sharpness as they do with so few glass atoms. So I wasn’t expecting these external lenses to be that great in terms of sharpness.

But they aren’t that bad at all! The macro lens has a very narrow area of focus relative to the image size, but I’m cool with that. Here is an example taken with the macro lens:

That is the second photo I had ever taken with the lens. The wind was blowing so it has some blur, but it looks cool I think. That leaf is super tiny, so it gets tossed by the wind pretty easily. I only took one photo of that leaf, so it wasn’t like I had to try very hard to get that image. That’s an awesome thing.

Here is another one of a itty bitty flower taken a few minutes later:

The lens kit also came with a fish eye lens and a wide angle lens. I don’t really care about those ones though, because i’m not really a fan of those aesthetics. But I am a fan of macro, and this was $9 well spent!

I’d suggest you grab it. It doesn’t fit if you have a case on your iPhone, but I don’t care. I hate the fact that I have to buy an external lens in the first place. So having one is inherently inconvenient for me anyways, because I have to take time to put it on and off. This opens a whole separate universe of reasons why I’ll never buy a camera again (iPhones forever!!), but that’s for another blog post.