by Drew Wilson


I'm super excited to have finally launched Plasso!

Plasso is a re-branding and re-engineering of Space Box, and is the next leap forward in my efforts to make payments online the best experience it can be. Admittedly I have a ways to go before it's there.

If you aren't familiar with Space Box or Plasso, it makes accepting and making payments quick and easy. Pay for things, get paid for things. Buy things, sell things.

Everything that was inside Space Box is in Plasso, along with so much more.

Before adding more features to Space Box, I wanted to take the time to re-engineer the core and get it ready for some big plans I have in the near future. I've also added many new features, including:

Pay Me page

How awesome is that?! Just sign up and accept money from anyone at anytime just by telling them to type your email address after!

No need to create payment pages (called 'Spaces') just to have people pay you anymore. Everyone gets their own Pay Me page automatically! If you log into Plasso and head to the Account settings, you can enable your Pay Me page and then share it with anyone so they can pay you directly for anything. Money transferred through your Pay Me page will never have a transaction fee from Plasso, no matter which payment plan you're on!


If you need a bit more customization and formality when requesting money from someone, you can now send them an invoice. You can add line items and they'll get an email notifying them you're requesting money. They'll click the payment link in the email and be taken to a page to view the invoice and make a payment. It's really easy and brand new!

Coupon/Discount Codes

Create Coupon Codes that customers can redeem and apply to any of your One-Time Spaces (coupons for Recurring payments coming soon). You'll even be able to see who's paying with Coupon Codes from inside the Plasso app.


You can now create One-Time payments Spaces that process Pre-Orders. At checkout customer's cards will not be charged, rather they will be stored and charged at the date you set. Simply change the Space Mode to Pre-Order on the setup form and you're done!

Plasso Market

The Plasso Market give you a virtual store front for all the product's you're already selling with Plasso. You can use the market as a complimentary sales venue to you website, or use it as your product website if you don't already have one. You can claim your store name from the Market tab inside the Plasso app. Add the Spaces you want in your store from their respective Setup forms.

All New Embeds

Want to have your payment form on your website without sending customers to Plasso's site? Use embeds!

The all new Plasso Embeddable payment form is just as powerful and feature packed as the normal One-Time payment Spaces. They're capable of handling and processing any data you add to your Spaces. They only work for One-Time payments at this time. Plasso Embeds enable you to put your Plasso Spaces on your own website, all by just copying/pasting one line of code. Checkout this example

New Pricing Structure

The new pricing structure on Plasso is even simpler than before. There is no differences in features between the plans now. All plans come with the same features. Instead, there are now three ways to pay for Plasso. Everyone has different sales volumes and depending on how many sales you do will determine which plan makes the most sense for you. For example, if you don't get that many sales yet, the Basic Plan will work great for you as there is no monthly fee. However, if you have a large amount of sales, the Platinum Plan which has no transaction fee will work best for you. The new pricing is as follows:

  • Basic: 3% per transaction, No monthly fee
  • Premium: 1% per transaction, $29/month
  • Platinum: 0% per transaction, $139/month

There is NO Plasso transaction charge for money transferred through your Pay Me page, no matter which plan you're on. Stripe's fee still applies for all transactions.

Ton of New Stuff

On top of all that, the payment pages are completely re-design and re-engineered from scratch. You can add multiple products to a single Space, and customers can purchase multiple quantities of each product.

If you're selling digital files on your products, you can attach any number of separate files to a single product! This is a feature I'm pretty sure ONLY Plasso has.

Checkout the payment page for Pictos, Execute eBook or for Valio Con

You can even send custom variables to your payment Spaces to customize and pre-fill the form!

The app interface was updated again and there is really way too much new stuff to have time to talk about. Head to the all new Support page to see more cool stuff.

This launch was such a huge milestone for me. So much of my time was wrapped up in this. I'm doing absolutely every aspect by myself which is so amazing, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can bring on extra help. My time now has to be spread between all parts of design, business, support and development. The new homepage for Plasso was actually designed in August of 2013!! Such is the life of a solo developer.

I have tons more planned and am on track to eventually take over PayPal :)

Consider signing up and checking it out!