Space Box: One Million Dollars

by Drew Wilson


It's been an awesome first 8 months of Space Box. It's come a long way since the initial launch, which was completed just five days after I came up with the idea. Since then the homepage has gone through two iterations and the app itself was re-designed once.

A lot of work has gone into Space Box and it's been 100% me on my own doing absolutely everything. That's why it feels so great to announce:

Over 1 Million dollars has been processed through Space Box!

That's a huge milestone for me personally. I've been in the payments game before with an older venture Quixly. It's numbers weren't even close to Space Box's, even after years of trying. I took all that experience and built something new and it's worked out great so far.

My long term goal for Space Box is to compete with PayPal. I used to sell digital goods with PayPal; bad experience. I even built Quixly, a payments product built on top of PayPal. I'm more familiar with PayPal than most people. Meaning I really know how bad it is. But it does have one thing going for it: world domination! It's everywhere. I'm definitely in for a fight, but I'm more than excited for it.

Space Box is currently targeted at people selling stuff. That's because they're the market I'm familiar with. But this will change over time. Space Box will always be the best option for people looking to sell stuff, but I'm going beyond just doing that. I have some rad plans and now I'm focused on rolling those out. You should sign up if you haven't yet.

Thank you so much to everyone using Space Box!

Here's to a million more!